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Torque Compensator 

PLC programmed to allow instantaneous 

directional control, reduction in overall twist 

and reduce torque test averages.

NEW Lifter-Detwister.JPG

Solution Analyzer

When the Solution Analyzer

is arranged to cooperate with

a chemical application pad it

will display the percent solids

in the chemical bath being

applied to a moving web.


Patented "STAR" System

FAB-CON's Patented Skew-Torque-Average-Reduction

(STAR System) opens the wet rope and rotates the tubular fabric to adjust the WALE angle to the natural, relaxed position prior to extraction. The extracting nip rolls set the fabric so the WALE angle remains in position all the way through cutting. The system is offered in manual, semi-automatic with motorized adjustment through the touchscreen and fully automated monitoring and control of the WALE angle using a high-speed camera basedsystem with touchscreen control and display


Supports the wet fabric trucks and turns in

response to the twist sensor. Motor-driven,

this unit is a complete assembly and can be

simply dropped into a square pit and easily

moved later if relocation is necessary.

Selvedge Trimmer

Waste-free, precise open-width selvedge

trim cutting using simple, low-maintenance

“Score-cut” method.

Rope Extractor.jpg


Placed in front of the elevated

Cloth Lifter/De-Twister, this machine

squeezes excess water from the 

fabric rope to reduce its weight,

providing reduced tension delivery

into the pad’s entry system.

Rope Extractor

with Accumalator

Cloth Lifter/De-twister

The motorized lifting roll takes the wet fabric from the fabric truck or accumulating scray of a rope squeezer and presents it in a tensionless manner to the entry of pad, Hydro-Sizer or slitter/opener. The de-twister consists of a motorized de-twisting-ring controlled by a twist sensor to determine the direction of twist in the rope and remove it rapidly. The unit is coupled to the turntable allowing a PLC based program to operate the de-twister and turntable in unison for continual twist removal at high production speeds.

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