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Torque Compensator 

PLC programmed to allow instantaneous 

directional control, reduction in overall twist 

and reduce torque test averages.

NEW Lifter-Detwister.JPG

Cloth Lifter/De-twister

The lifter roll will take the wet fabric from 

the accumulator scray and present it in 

a tensionless manner to a pad or slitter.

The de-twister consist of a twist sensor and

rotating head. The twist sensor will also

signal a turntable to rotate, when required,

to assist twist removal.

Solution Analyzer

When the Solution Analyzer

is arranged to cooperate with

a chemical application pad it

will display the percent solids

in the chemical bath being

applied to a moving web.


Supports the wet fabric trucks and turns in

response to the twist sensor. Motor-driven,

this unit is a complete assembly and can be

simply dropped into a square pit and easily

moved later if relocation is necessary.

Horizontal De-twister

Floor mounted Horizontal De-twister for in-line application used to remove twist from tubular fabric prior to opening by an internal spreader. Designed for wet or dry application. Includes sensing device to “read” fabric twist and govern rotation of one turntable.

Ring Guiders.JPG

Ring Type Fabric Guides

Simple, low cost method of opening

circular knits. Now with optional

STAR patented technology for maximum

torque reduction in lightweight knits.

Selvedge Trimmer

Waste-free, precise open-width selvedge

trim cutting using simple, low-maintenance

“Score-cut” method.

Rope Extractor.jpg


Placed in front of the elevated

Cloth Lifter/De-Twister, this machine

squeezes excess water from the 

fabric rope to reduce its weight,

providing reduced tension delivery

into the pad’s entry system.

Rope Extractor

with Accumalator

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