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      Fab-Con Machinery Development Corporation was established in 1966. In over the fifty years that have followed its creation, Fab-Con has grown into one of the most respected and innovative equipment manufacturers for the knit goods industry, with a major share of the American and a growing world market. 


      The initial philosophy was to build durable, highly productive tubular and open-width finishing equipment that would address the industry’s growing need for the higher quality at low operating cost. This vision has allowed FAB-CON to grow and vastly broaden its product range, even through times of economic recession, to become a major global force in the knit industry. Fab-Con has installed over 1,700 pieces of equipment in twenty countries.


     Fab-Con services high-end manufacturer’s of knitwear for men’s, women’s and children’s outerwear and underwear. Fab-Con markets and holds major market shares in the Knit Fabric Finishing Equipment in North, South and Central America, plus Asian knitwear producing countries. There are over 200 customers operating Fab-Con Compactors, Calenders, Pads, Dryers, and Tenter Frames.

     The Platinum Gull-Wing StableSizer is just one of Fab-Con’s latest offerings to the industry. The StableSizer gives today’s fabric producer the ability to compact knit goods up to 25% at speeds up to 65 meters per minute. While the patented Gull-Wing technology has been around for many years, the current models host digital motor drives, graphic touch screen interfaces and design improvements to increase fabric quality and lower operating expenses.


      In addition to the design and manufacturing of knit goods finishing equipment, Fab-Con has committed itself to providing world-class service to the industry. A complete set of spare parts is stocked and available for immediate shipping worldwide. A team of service technicians who are skilled not only in the mechanical and electrical workings of modern equipment but also in the art of fabric finishing. There is also a technical service manager on call at all times. 


      Fab-Con continues to lead the industry in the design and development of Knit Goods Finishing Equipment to handle the ever-growing demands of today’s customers. Trust Fab-Con to be your partner in meeting the needs of your customers.

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