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This patented design allows for reductions in fabric length shrinkage enabling the user to obtain the lowest shrinkage on cotton knit fabrics possible. Combined with a Gull-Wing StableSizer shrinkage can be reduced to less than 1% in lengthwise direction.

As garment retailers demand for lower shrinkage "in garment" The Hydro-Sizer makes it possible to meet the new standards easily with no additional processing costs.  

DancerArr on Pad.jpg

This new revolutionary machine allows for "wet finishing" of tubular knit fabrics including hydro-extraction, chemical application and compressive shrinkage prior to drying.


Torque Compensator

PLC Programmed to allow instantaneous

directional control, reduction in overall

twist and reduce torque test averages.

Tension Compensator

Utilizes lightweight dancers to control

fabric tension.

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