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Platinum "Gull-Wing" StableSizer
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Fab-Con's  new Platinum Edition

Gull-Wing StableSizer with its newly

redesigned compacting section

offers unmatched performance

and no compromising on

 fabric quality

Fab-Con's new Platinum Edition "Gull-Wing"
StableSizer incorporates latest in electronic
technology to simplify operation, increase
reliability, enhance performance, and
produce more consistent quality fabrics.

Platinum StableSizer Station
Edge Drive, Spreaders & Steam Box Arr

The Touchscreen interface sets and displays process

parameters and is programmable for fabric styles and

manual controls allow for easy process adjustments as well.

A newly developed feed and retard roll temperature control 

system reduces energy consumption by using heat recovery

to heat the recirculating oil. The system allows for lower roll

temperatures so there is no top-to-bottom shade variation.

A new High-Speed swing-arm type folding system allows for continuous operation at maximum speed with minimal routine

service requirements.

This innovative technology allows for lengthwise compression

of the fabric up to 25% and the new design enhancements allow for consistent results at speeds up to 80 m/m.

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