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Tension Compensator

Utilizes Lightweight dancers

to control fabric tension.

Twin Balloon 10-19.png

Fab-Con’s operator friendly tensionless Twin Balloon Pad

incorporates the latest in electronic technology to

simplifyoperation, increase reliability, enhance

performance andproduce more consistent quality fabrics

The unique design, patented STAR Ring Guide System, Automated De-twisting System, After-Spreaders and

Exit-System virtually eliminate fabric elongation and skew/torque.

The touch screen graphic interface sets and displays process parameters, and is programmable for fabric styles.

Manual controls are also conveniently located at

various points on the machine to allow quick and

easy process adjustments.

Dual Twin_ Elcatex.jpg

Pad is shown with optional Entry

and Skew/Torque Reduction System

Dual Twin Balloon Pad

Fab-Con’s single operator Dual Twin Balloon Pad

is designed to process two independent strands of

wet tubular knitted fabric after bleaching or dyeing.

Twin Balloon Pad


After Spreader System

For uniform fabric width

control and enhanced

drying efficiency

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